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We realise integral therapies we counted on diagonostico naturista doctor's office by the rainbow.

Bandera Bandera

Mundo Natural

We realise integral therapies we counted on diagonostico naturista doctor's office by the rainbow.
Av. Antunez de Mayolo 816 - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru
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Clinica Dental Mercurio

Dental care team, our philosophy focuses on the prevention and correction of disturbances that threaten oral health, emphasizing comprehensive dental treatment, which aims to complete oral rehabilitation of the patient More...
Calle Cancer 1109 Urb. Mercurio - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru
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Clinica De Ojos Del Perú

Ophthalmological center with over 20 years of experience, accurate diagnosis and surgery studies of low and high complexity with advanced technology.
Av. Carlos Izaguirre 752 frente a la Municipalidad de Los Olivos
Av. Perú 3428 Zona bancaria S.M.P. - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Carla Tarazona
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Clinica del Norte SAC

Quality of attention, professional experience and economy in health. Specialists in the infantile maternal area.
Av. Universitaria 3890 - Los Olivos , a media cuadra del cruce con la Av . Carlos Izaguirre - Lima - Peru
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Clinica Naranjal - Megasalud Naranjal S.A.C.

Institution specializing in the provision of quality health Service.
Av. Naranjal 1582 - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru
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Centro Psicológico Pro

Our team consists of psychologists in the clinical area and experience in the educational field.
Av. Canta Callao 587 Urb. Pro Los Olivos - Lima - Peru
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Clínica De Ojos Del Perú

It is the first retail chain of North Lima specialized in sales of sun glasses, this awards a preferred position to us like connoisseurs of the tendencies fashionable. the main More...
Av. Carlos Izaguirre 746 - frente a la Municipalidad de Los Olivos /
Av. Peru 3428 - Zona bancaria - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Akemi
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Clinica De Ojos Oftalmic Laser

First computerized clinic of eyes of North Lima, The Olivos, SMP and Callao, equipped with technology of end for surgery of myopia. Hipermetrop?a, astigmatism and presbicia with Lasik and laser More...
Av. Carlos Izaguirre 746 (frente a la Municipalidad de Los Olivos)
Av. Perú 3428 (zona bancaria)
Av. Canadá 1725 San Borja (previa cita) - Lima - Peru
Jr. Ayacucho 3319 (Cdra 33 Av Perú) SMP
Rpte: Estrella Rosas
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Servicio Odontologico Dental Art. SAC

Multisonrisas Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing dental care in all specialties (aesthetics, implants, braces, kids, prosthetics), we have a specialized Dental Staff. Make you smile is our reason for More...
Los Olivos - Av. Antunez de Mayolo 836 2do piso
Av. Carlos Izaguirre 1006
Av. Arequipa- Av. Arequipa 240 - Of.302
Surco - Calle Laredo 126 - Monterrico. - Lima - Peru
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Thexmedic Bhiox Peruana SAC

Exclusive attention at home and place of work
Jr. Villa Hermosa 122 Urb Mesa Redonda Lima 31 - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru
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Psicoayuda: Grupo Desarrollo Humano

Psychologists in Peru Lima: They offer to psychological advisory services and psychological therapy: individual, of pair and family. Biodanza. Psicodrama. Clinical hypnosis.Psicoayuda
Jr. Hualcan 1565 - Urb. Palmas Reales
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Funeraria La Celestial

Funeral services a heavenly 24-hour care 365 days a year.
- Burial
- Transfers
- Cremations
- Receiving and sending abroad.
- Embalming
- Clinical autopsies
- Sales of caskets and urns (Brands)
Jr. Ignacio Torote Nro. 569. Urb. El Trébol 1era. Etapa. - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru
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Gastrosalud EIRL

We are dedicated to the care and health prevention in the field of gastroenterology. underwent endoscopy, colonoscopy, breath test for Helicobacter pylori.
Jr José Santos Chocano N° 899 Altura Cuadra 5 y 6 de Av Carlos Izaguirre (Clínica Imppares de Los Olivos) - Lima - Peru
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Centro de Psicología Integral Equilibrio

Our professionals will help you find the best solution to their difficulty with full responsibility and confidentiality.

We specialize in:
- Individual Adult
- Family therapy
- Couples Therapy
- Child and Adolescent Therapy
- Behavior More...
Los Olivos, Lima -Perú - Lima - Peru
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Edent Perú

Av. Antúnez de Mayolo 1260 Urb. Covida - Los Olivos (a 1/2 cdra Mercado Covida - frente a Scotiabank) - Lima - Peru
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